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Welcome to Healing Moon Lumina! I’m Cherise Williams, a Certified Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner, Spiritual Guide and dōTERRA Essential Oils Educator. I utilize crystals, coaching, guided imagery, card reading, aromatherapy and other modalities in my practice to help facilitate healing, spiritual connection and empowerment.

My goal is to help give you the tools, info and support you need to make a real difference in your life (and the lives of others, if that’s your goal!)

Not long ago, I was wandering around lost. I felt like I wasn’t connecting to that light within me, to that powerful spirituality deep within. When I finally began on my journey to healing and spiritual enlightenment, I knew it was my goal to help others do the same! Using tools such as meditation, tarot, essential oils, herbs, crystals and more, I was able to transform my life. And I’m so excited to help others do the same! You can read more about my story in the About Me section of the site.

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