Healing Moon Sisterhood

Enrollment is currently OPEN for the October and November editions of the Sisterhood!

Who is the Healing Moon Sisterhood for?

  • The Healing Moon Sisterhood is for anyone looking to add more healing, ritual, sisterhood, ceremony, guidance, empowerment, magick and light to their life.


What do you get with the Healing Moon Sisterhood?

  • A monthly live virtual gathering. This sacred circle is held online and will include information on that months theme (lessons), a guided meditation and suggested activities to do throughout the month pertaining to that months theme
  • A monthly energetic forecast via tarot and oracle card reading
  • Occasional bonus content
  • An online sacred space, via a private Facebook group, to connect with other Sisters


What are the themes of the Sisterhood and bonus content?

  • Each month varies, but some examples of themes are:
    • Self love & compassion
    • Prosperity & abundance
    • Shadow work
    • Hoodoo & Voodoo
    • The divine feminine & divine masculine
    • Nature
    • Chakras
    • Different goddess themes
    • Moon cycles
    • Sensuality
    • Thankfulness and gratitude
    • Divination
    • Holistic healing
    • Magick and witchcraft
    • and more!
  • Some of the occasional bonus content you may receive are:
    • Crystal recommendations for the month
    • Oil blend recipes
    • Tarot and Oracle card spreads
    • Crystal elixir recipes
    • Coupon codes
    • Spells
    • eBooks
    • Ritual and ceremony outlines
    • Interviews with beautiful healers, witches and light bringers
    • Lunar information
    • and more!



Some things to know…

  • This is not a subscription service. If you’d like to receive the content each month, you will have to purchase again each month. In the future I will hopefully have a subscription option set up.
  • You can expect to receive at least two emails per month
  • The theme of the meditations, content, information and ceremonies will be different each month.
  • Since this is a digital item, no refunds will be issued after purchase.
  • If you can’t attend the live video events, no worries! It will be recorded and the replay will be emailed to you to watch at your convenience. I do however suggest to attend the live gatherings as this is part of fostering a Sisterhood and connection.

    Ready to join the Sisterhood? The cost is only $5 and can be purchased at my online shop Healing Moon Lumina.


Upcoming Guests and Contributors:

  • Jessyka Winston: October 2017 Edition
    Instagram @HausOfHoodoo
    Interview about Voodoo and hoodoo
  • Cory Gunn: October 2017 Edition
    Wilder Wombyn
    Instagram @wilderwombyn
    Journey to the Underworld with Persephone and Demeter
  • Cory Gunn: December 2017 Edition
    Wilder Wombyn
    Instagram @wilderwombyn
    Interview about how to use pendulums

Previous Guests and Contributors:

Some of the Previous Shops Featured:

  • Love, Light & Legacy
  • My Riley Rocks
  • Spiral Sea Tarot
  • Shanti Jewelry Studio
  • Sarah Mascarah



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Are you a healer, coach, witch or light bringer? Do you have an awesome message you’d like to share with others? Are you a shop owner and want to offer an exclusive coupon code for the Sisterhood? If you’d like to be considered to be interviewed for the Sisterhood, have content you’d like to share (like tarot spreads, ritual outlines, etc) or have a coupon code to offer, fill out the form below and let me know! If I think it’s a good fit, I’ll contact you to set something up!