Crystals and Essential Oils for Spells and Magick


Have you ever been curious about spells and magick?
Have you ever wondered if you could do spells?
Are you looking to help take your manifestation to the next level?
Do you have oils and crystals and are looking for new ways to use them?
Do you want to enhance your life?
Looking for ways to add a little more love to your relationships?
Need a little extra energetic protection?
Wish you could manifest a little more money and prosperity?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this mini course is for you!

In this self paced, online course you will learn:

  • What magick is
  • How spells work
  • Which crystals are best for love, protection or prosperity
  • Which oils are best for love, protection or prosperity
  • How to create your own magickal and blessed oil blend
  • How to perform a simple candle spell
  • Recipes for love, protection and prosperity oils
  • Which candle colors are best to use for various magickal workings
  • Which days of the week are best for specific types of spells
  • Different ways to use magickal oil blends and crystals

Included in this course are video lessons, text lessons and downloadable PDF’s!

“I loved everything about this course!! I have always been curious about how spells work and what magick is but was too shy to look into it. I’m so grateful for the teachings of Cherise and this amazing course that explained everything in a fun and easy to follow course!! The videos and PDF’s are great. I am a visual person and was impressed by all the content and examples provided! Can’t wait to check out her other courses!” -Meli De Los Santos




This course is free to qualified members of my Moon Blossoms dōTERRA tribe!