Healing Moon Book Club


I recently started an online book club. I wanted to make the book club accessible to many people so it’s offered on multiple social media platforms. Feel free to take part in all of the social media platforms or just use the platform you’re most comfortable with. I’m listing the book club information here, so it’s all in one place and easily accessed.

Here are the three different platforms where we discuss and share the book club:

  • You can take part in the book club on Instagram by following my account CheriseHealingMoon. I will post book club updates and announcements here. We also have creative challenges and tarot/oracle card prompts relating to our current book that you are welcome to take part in. Simply search for, and use, #HealingMoonBookClub using the hashtag makes it so we can all find each other on Instagram and connect.
  • You can join our private Facebook group Healing Moon Sacred Space. This group is a sacred space for us to connect and share our thoughts on our current book. It’s also my goal to make this group a sacred place for souls to get together and lift each other up, support each other, learn, teach and spread the light.
  • I occasionally jump on the Periscope app to share excerpts from our current book and have a discussion on the selection. My username is Cherise1218

Here is a little information on how the book club works:

  • Tuesday nights at 9pm eastern time (unless otherwise stated) are our night to discuss the previous weeks reading selection. I post a live video in our private Facebook group. This gives us a chance to really connect and share our favorite quotes or excerpts as well as our thoughts on the book.
  • I also broadcast our Tuesday night meeting on the Periscope app (username Cherise1218)
  • Wednesday I will announce that weeks new reading selections. I’ll post this on all three social media platforms (Periscope, Facebook and Instagram).
  • We will have occasional creative prompts inspired by our current readings. This will be anything from drawing, painting, sculpting, writing…anything that you want to do to express yourself creatively. We can share these in our Facebook group or on Instagram using our hashtag. You can take part in this or not. It’s just another way to be interactive and get the most of our book.
  • We will have occasional tarot and oracle card prompts related to our current reading selections. We can share our card pulls in our Facebook group or on Instagram using our hashtag, if you so wish. Again, this interactive feature is not required if you don’t want.
  • The weekly chapters or pages are not a requirement. If you read slower or faster, this is fine! I only give weekly chapters because some people prefer to have goals to work towards and it helps keep it all a little more organized. Please don’t feel like you can’t participate if you’re not “caught up”.

I’m so excited to have this book club! It’s already been so amazing to connect with so many wonderful souls and see everyone supporting each other.

Current Book Selection

  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Women Who Run With The Wolves (Currently on hiatus. We will resume the second half of this book at a future date.)

Previous Book Selections

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