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Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Trump against USA interference in Venezuela during a May 3 phone call. But Maduro can't feel good about his situation because while he might be ruling for the moment, he can't govern, Pompeo said.

The Venezuelan military has so far sided with Maduro, but the opposition believes that under the surface there are growing cracks.

The move to push out Maduro and call for free elections still needs more military support, he said.

Perennial hawk John Bolton seems to be salivating at the possibility of the USA invading the major South American country, while Pompeo has been telling the press at every opportunity that if the U.S. decides an attack is required "that's what the United States will do".

Maduro blames the US government for attempting to foment a coup against him by supporing opposition head Juan Guaido, who denounces Maduro as illegitimate and has assumed a rival presidency.

Trump undercut Pompeo's position on Friday, telling reporters that Putin had assured him "he is not looking to get involved in Venezuela other than he'd like to see something positive happen for Venezuela". "They are - they are at the center of this", the secretary said, noting Cuban security forces are guarding Maduro.

Following the failed uprising against him, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro praised Venezuela's military, which supported the embattled President amidst the political crisis in the Latin American nation.

He said Maduro's days as the Venezuelan leader are numbered, but offered no timetable.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the USA should "abandon its irresponsible plans" to overthrow Maduro. "The president has made clear, we want everyone out and that includes the Russians". "This is someone who can not be part of Venezuela's future".

A small group of military personnel heeded Guaido's call to rise up on Tuesday, but the effort petered out, triggering two days of protests against the government in which four people were killed and several hundred injured.

The vice president's comments came after Omar was criticized for saying earlier this week that the U.S.is responsible for the outbreak of violence and poverty in Venezuela.