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Google's going through another major rebrand. Google says that the idea behind the Nest Hub Max is to "bring Home products under the Nest brand" and "go beyond the idea of a "smart home" and to focus instead on creating a "helpful home". At the Google I/O developer conference, it unveiled the Nest Hub Max- a bigger smart display that the Nest Hub (formerly known as Google Home Hub).

"Whenever you walk in front of the camera, Nest Hub Max recognizes you and shows just your information, not anyone else's".

Taken together, Amazon and Google accounted for at least 4 of 5 smart speakers sold in the US last year, surveys show. Here's what it's like. It is a 10 inch smart control display that allows users to operate numerous electronics in their homes such as the TV, music player, lights and more. Imaging is handled by the same 12.2 MP rear sensor as the flagship Pixel 3 phones. This assumes, of course, that the Home Hub Max can see you at the time, but this is certainly a more elegant solution than trying to shout over the music you want turned off.

As per Google, as far back as the organization collapsed Nest into its equipment group, it has been attempting to make shrewd homes somewhat less confused for the shoppers. At Google I/O 2019, the company has announced that the device will be launched in India along with 11 other countries in English language only. It's your control center for everything in the smart home, but with Hub Max you're getting the added benefits of having a Nest Cam built directly into the device. You can explore numerous apps like Google Image Search, Google Photos, Gmail, and YouTube. Last year's Google Home Hub will now be called the Nest Hub, and it gets a price cut from Dollars 149 to USD 129.

Hub Max's facial recognition tech can be used to do some pretty cool things.

Google says that the Hub will recognise a user through face recognition - Face Match - and use it to offer a personalised experience. For example: If a Nest Protect detected smoke or carbon monoxide, a Works With Nest integration could automatically turn on your Philips Hue- or Lutron-controlled smart lights.

Lionel Guicherd-Callin, head of product for EMEA for Google Nest said in a statement, that the intention behind the new technology was to simplify smart home, but also to evolve the privacy model.