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The legal team of the Huawei Technologies financial chief has argued for a stay to extradition proceedings, in part due to statements made by President Donald Trump which they say imply her arrest was "politically motivated".

Meng was arrested on December 1, 2018, at Vancouver's airport at the request of the United States, which is seeking her extradition on fraud charges. He spoke to the problems they are seeing in the case.

Meng's defense lawyers seek to discredit the USA handover request and argue Canada improperly arrested her. They also plan to question "double criminality", disputing that what the USA alleges she did - lied to banks to trick them into conducting transactions for Huawei that may have violated US sanctions - constitutes a crime in Canada.

Meng's arrest was the catalyst for tensions between Canada and the Chinese regime, who detained two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, in China shortly after Meng's arrest.

He also said Canada should take China's staunch position seriously and immediately release Meng, letting her return to China safely.

Meng's next court appearance is set for September, but it's still unclear when extradition proceedings will begin.

Court also heard that Meng must sell the home she has been living in "for personal reasons".

The U.S. accuses her of tricking banks, including HSBC Holdings Plc, into conducting transactions that potentially violated U.S. sanctions on Iran. It added: "Third, it was revealed that the arrest of Ms. Meng violated a core principle of the Canada - US Extradition Treaty and Canadian extradition law - because the allegation she faces is not a crime in Canada".

The Supreme Court of British Columbia approved Meng Wanzhou's petition Wednesday to modify her bail terms, which included a request to move from her $5 million, six-bedroom residence near a park, to an estate more than triple the size in one of Vancouver's toniest neighbourhoods.

U.S. authorities filed almost two dozen charges against Huawei, the area's 2d most spirited smartphone maker, and Ms Meng in January.

Washington wants to put Meng on trial on fraud charges for allegedly violating Iran sanctions and lying about it to United States banks, but the case has become a major irritant for Ottawa.

According to reporters who sat in for the hearing, the defense required more time to prepare since the U.S. side has spent years building its case against Meng.

Her arrest at the Vancouver airport set off a diplomatic furor that has had led to the worst relations between Canada and China since the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. And her charter rights were seriously and repeatedly violated when she was arrested and detained, which was a coordinated effort of the Canadian police, the border agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The lawyers noted in court that there is no evidence to prove that Meng committed acts of deceit, dishonesty, or other fraudulent means, according to the statement. Therefore, they argue, the extradition request does not satisfy the "double criminality" requirement, because she has not broken Canadian law.

There has also been economic pressure - China has halted Canadian canola imports and suspended the permits of two major pork producers amid the dispute.

Meng is now free under private guard on $7.4 million bail.