KXIP vs KKR Live Score

The Celtics swept the Indiana Pacers in the First Round of the playoffs and then won its first game on the road against Milwaukee, but followed that win with four losses, two at home to get tossed out of the playoffs.

As for what other Celtics players are saying about Kyrie Irving and his poor performance during the Celtics/Milwaukee series, it seems that they're not exclusively blaming him for the loss. Will he be staying with the team or take his talents somewhere else? "If I am the owner - now listen, one thing that I've heard is that if you listen to the fans, you'll be sitting with the fans".

Former Celtics center Kendrick Perkins recently slammed Kyrie Irving and accused him of not taking his role seriously. But as time passes here and as the possibility exists that Jason Kidd could be hired as the Lakers coach, I think the possibility of Kyrie and LeBron reuniting - that door, which was deadbolted, has been un-deadbolted and has now been cracked open ...

But I'm here to tell you that this embarrassment of a season and this thorough no-show against Milwaukee can not possibly be laid solely-or perhaps even primarily-at the feet of Kyrie Irving.

His take on Irving is a lot more candid.

That put Boston in a tough situation from the beginning.

"I mean, truth be told, it's no time to be disappointed", Irving said.

"If he wants to talk about it, he will", Smart said. This isn't college or high school where players can rally together for each other without any other cares in the world. "You know, it's time", Kirby Murrell said. "That's what happens in a series - especially when you go through some trials in a series". They had no structure and were playing some poor basketball.

The Bucks will continue to rely on the sensational play of Antetokounmpo, who is averaging 27.4 points and 11.3 rebounds through nine playoff games. Horford scored 20 points while Jaylen Brown added 16 points for Boston. The question is whether that team will be able to work within that atmosphere. "When you have a team like that, it makes it easy when you're out there".

"It's good for us all", Smart said.