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This time around, the debate involves the Department of Homeland Security-and the resignation/firing/un-resignation/ ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ of Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. But some former Trump aides have found their options more limited than did their predecessors, in part due to controversy surrounding President Donald Trump's policies on issues such as the environment and immigration, as well as his record of racially-charged language.

Eastern time, one full hour after President Trump tweeted that she would be stepping down and that he was naming Kevin McAleenan, the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), as the acting secretary of homeland security. As a health care professional, Underwood attempted to highlight whether or not Nielsen and DHS were aware of the longterm harm the policy could cause.

One such request that proved to be a point of contention, according to new reporting by NBC News, was over Trump's desire to reinstate the policy of family separations.

Neither Nielsen nor Trump, however, have publicly acknowledged that the administration's policies may in fact be contributing to the increased number of border-crossers in recent months, as Dree K. Collopy, chair of the National Asylum and Refugee Liaison Committee of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, suggested in January. But he says many more migrants are streaming toward the US through Mexico because the practice is no longer in place. "I couldn't have been more disappointed" to see Vitiello's nomination pulled, he said, describing Vitiello as "a 30-year Border Patrol, deputy chief and you're saying, 'Well, you're not really tough enough?' I find that kind of awesome".

Trump has expressed frustration with the situation along the southern border, where hundreds of thousands of migrants trying to escape poverty and crime in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras have traveled through Mexico in hopes of entering the United States.

Both Republican and Democratic leaders deplored the idea of separating families. And she's leaving the Trump administration "with her reputation in tatters".

The White House's stance is these things are legal.

On Saturday Ms Nielsen tweeted that she "could not be more proud" of border patrol agents, praising their "compassionate, humanitarian response" to border security. He claims his predecessor, President Barack Obama, is the one who separated children from their families.

The Trump administration is also considering eliminating so-called "magnets" attracting immigrants to the U.S.by making it tougher for asylum seekers to obtain work permits, the official said.

But by October she was back at DHS, this time as secretary.

Already frustrated by what she saw as insufficient help from departments like Justice and Health and Human Services, with clear signs that White House hard-liners were on the ascent, Nielsen pulled up the resignation letter she'd written months before - just in case.

Nielsen had overseen Trump's "zero tolerance" family separation policy a year ago and came under fire by Democrats for lying to Congress about the policy, as well as for withholding information on children who died in USA custody.

She says the high turnover in the Cabinet and among White House staff is "off the charts" and undermines the president's efforts to fulfill his campaign promises. "Very happy with them", Trump said.

The reliance on acting officials is especially acute at the Department of Homeland Security, which lacks a permanent deputy secretary, as well as permanent heads of key agencies, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.