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The prime minister is facing renewed calls from Tory Brexit supporters to step down as talks with Labour over the European Union withdrawal bill continue during the Easter recess.

Labour would increase its number of MPs by 34, making them the largest party in the British parliament.

Election and polling expert Prof.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the new Brexit Party, says his anti-EU group will mirror UKIP on policies, but when it comes to personnel there will be a "vast difference", with no far-right faction.

These will be used to gauge the electoral impact that failing to deliver Brexit on schedule has had on May's Conservative Party.

It would win 296 seats of the 650 parliamentary seats, against 259 for the Conservatives.

However, there is no formal mechanism with which dissatisfied lawmakers can oust her without also raising the possibility of a general election and a Labour government.

A poll by Opinium covered in the Observer said that support for Tories had fallen to 29 percent, down six percentage points compared to a fortnight ago.

"This party is not here just to fight the European elections".

The government will have only a month to take all the steps it needs to complete to keep to May's timetable of leaving before European parliament elections.

The ERG Chairman said he thought that it was "noticeable" of how much appeal Boris Johnson has with voters beyond the Conservative Party and eurosceptics.

He told Sky News the timetable for her departure should still stand despite her failure to pass a withdrawal agreement. The Prime Minister failed to get her Withdrawal Agreement through the House of Commons on three separate occasions and has also now requested two separate delays to Britain's exit date from the European Union, with the most recent extension set to last until October 31st unless a deal can be agreed before then.

Lidington said: "These are hard, delicate negotiations where we are testing out other people's ideas".

The minister for the cabinet office explained that while the two parties have common goals there needed to be movement from both sides.

He said that although a no-deal Brexit appeared less likely, he hoped a recently signed EU-Japan trade deal would roll over to the United Kingdom if it left without a deal.

Farage is hoping to attract support from disgruntled pro-Brexit Tories, unhappy with Prime Minister Theresa May delaying the UK's exit from the European Union.