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Randy Pitchford, founder of Borderlands 3 game developer Gearbox, took to Twitter to address rumors of exclusivity in the days prior to the announcement.

While it seems common in the HEXUS forums to decry the current swell of Epic Games Store AAA exclusives that seem to be arriving, there is a bit of a charm offensive going on to turn people on to the platform.

"Back in March, Epic Games Store boss Steve Allison said the company "[didn't] want to do that ever again", in reference to signing Metro Exodus as a timed Epic Store exclusive so close to its intended Steam release.

The latest trailer has also confirmed a lot of what we already knew about Borderlands 3's characters. Add that Epic only takes a 12 percent revenue cut (Steam now takes 30 percent) from games sold on its platform, and it's a party for game makers big and small.

It'll also be out for PS4 and Xbox One. Even as it became known that Obsidian's new role-playing game The Outer Worlds appeared exclusively on Epics Store on PC for a year, it hailed criticism. For now, the lovely puzzle game The Witness is the current free game on deck in Epic Games' yearlong extravaganza of giving away games so people will make accounts and join the digital distribution service.

This single player open-world game with an abundance of locations includes over 500 puzzles with "no filler".

Epic Games Store has the money to afford exclusive deals, however, Steam has a die-hard community behind it.

The Epic Games CEO made similar statements to a different user who was asking about sci-fi adventure Observation.

Another new feature introduced for the game is level sync, which makes co-op play a little more friendly by scaling the experience for each player, regardless if they are playing together online or locally in split-screen, or their level and mission progress.

Other games, however, could still be susceptible to review bomb tactics if lag time becomes a standard part of the new anti-review-bomb system.