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Watching the Steelers miss out on the playoffs this past season obviously came as a huge surprise since the team seemed to be in flawless position to earn at least a Wild Card spot, but also for Brown to blame Smith-Schuster for what took place is simply ridiculous.

Weddle faced both Brown and Smith-Schuster the last two years while playing with the Ravens, but he won't get to square off with the new Raiders receiver in 2019.

For someone who brazenly insisted that folks should keep their emotions off the internet, dude has a odd way of showing that his own emotions are totally, 100% in check. Being a top tier performer for the Steelers, combined with his social media presence and lovable celebration has made him a cult hero, and the worst possible person for Brown to try and attack.

"I respect his game but I can't wait to smash this dude", Reid wrote, quoting Brown's tweet criticizing Smith-Schuster "No need for that". On Monday, the new Raiders wideout continued his jabbing at Smith-Schuster when he shared a direct message the younger receiver once sent Brown seeking advice. Brown's double-up left Smith-Schuster little choice but to respond.

Smith-Schuster didn't take long to reply, sending a good old-fashioned, not-so-subtle subtweet less than one hour later, mimicking Brown's message from earlier in the afternoon. But many players may also feel that Brown's disrespectful treatment of Smith-Schuster and others in Pittsburgh reflects badly on National Football League players. Roethlisberger may have contributed to some of the tension by saying after a November loss to the Denver Broncos that the Steelers erred in drawing up a late, goal-line pass play for Brown and instead "should've went to [Smith-Schuster] four straight plays". "You know what we talked about never let them fool ya and keep playing the game", Brown said in the caption.

As a result, Brown has fallen under harsh criticism from media and fans alike, and it doesn't seem like he is taking it too well.