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The MPs are concerned that if the voting process is delayed, they might not have enough time to frame a new deal and the ultimate result might be to leave European Union without a deal; this is supposed to be detrimental to the future of Britain.

She also informed that the Members of the Parliament will give their valuable votes on 12 March, 2019.

If it rejects the deal, MPs will have a vote on whether to leave without a deal and then on whether to delay Brexit, probably by a few months until the end of June.

United Kingdom government officials believe that the attitude of Brexiteers to the Withdrawal Agreement is softening, pointing to remarks from Jacob Rees-Mogg, who leads the backbench European Research Group, that he would support the deal if there is an "appendix" clarifying the status of the controversial Irish backstop.

A lot of them represent the neglected northern England regions that were pro-Brexit in the referendum.

Ms Blackman added: "Scotland must get its fair share and not lose out like we did in the Tories' last £1bn Brexit bung to the DUP, when Scottish secretary David Mundell failed to secure a single penny for Scotland".

We'll also back a public vote in order to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit or disastrous No Deal.

Cox held talks in Brussels last week with senior European Union officials on whether an additional appendix or codicil could be drawn up stating that no one intends the backstop to be permanent.

Cox's presence is seen as central to the meeting, as he will ultimately offer a legal opinion on the Brexit deal and the Irish backstop that could determine whether key MPs in the British parliament will approve the accord.

"Some ministers privately think May only has a slim chance of winning through this month, but might have a stronger one in June if she can frame the choice as one between her deal and no deal (in a way she cannot now do this month)".

Only weeks ago Brady successfully championed a Commons amendment that instructed May to return to Brussels to negotiate the complete removal of the backstop from the withdrawal agreement and find another way to solve the Irish border issue.

Tomlinson said the change "has got to be legally binding, so effectively treaty-level change" and that the attorney general must secure changes that altered his legal advice that the backstop could "endure indefinitely".

"The provisions of the backstop are not being discussed..."

That could mean a role for a "fair arbitration mechanism", he said. May's recent 1.6 billion pound for pro-Brexit communities has been dubbed "bribe" by opposition to win over Labour MPs for Brexit vote.

He also alleged that most Labour MPs are in a denial mode on the need to leave the EU.

A senior minister yesterday warned that even if the Withdrawal Agreement is passed next week, a delay to Brexit is now "inevitable" because there will not be enough time to pass all the legislation required. "It would leave us continuing in this limbo period".

Getting the backing of the ERG for her deal would be a major boost for Mrs May but would still not guarantee she could get it through Parliament.