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They report on an internal source who says Samsung is planning to release two new foldable devices either at the end of this year or early next year.

Bloomberg reports that the company is developing a clamshell-like device that folds inwards vertically, and another that folds outwards a-la the Huawei Mate X. Samsung may also integrate an in-screen fingerprint scanner to further simplify the design.

Between Unpacked and MWC, the past few weeks have been all about foldable phones.

The device is described as having a 5-inch cover display and an 11-inch pop up "screen". That clamshell design now also has a second screen on the outside, but Samsung is not yet set on keeping that secondary screen and the company will be looking at how users react to the secondary screen on the Galaxy Fold. It's trying to get rid of a crease which appears on the display panel after it has been folded around 10,000 times.

Samsung predicts it can make 1 million foldable phones this year.

Foldable phones. Foldable phones.

It's entirely possible you're starting to experience some foldable phone fatigue; perhaps you distrust the "future" tech companies are selling to you with these fancy, borderline gimmicky devices. Apple's just begun patenting technologies surrounding foldable displays, so maybe we'll see whether this remarkable concept has any similarities with Apple's vision!

There's no denying Samsung knows how to create a smartphone display. It turns out, Samsung's first prototype was more like Huawei's.