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The President's $USD4.7 trillion ($AUD6.7 trillion) blueprint for the fiscal year starting on October 1 also revisits the political fight over border wall funding that triggered this past winter's partial government shutdown. Of those numbers, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) rightly complains, "Consider that the president's budget proposes we spend vastly more money than we take in for 15 years, bust the spending caps again, leave ourselves with about a trillion dollars in deficit spending in fiscal 2020, accumulate debt well over $30 trillion by 2030, and lead us to spending more in interest payments than we do on Social Security or defense".

House Democrats have already called the plan dead on arrival, arguing that the proposal would leave the country less safe and secure with "no chance" of passing in the chamber that they control.

He declared the emergency after the Congress approved only 1.375 billion USA dollars for construction of 55 miles (90 kilometers) of barriers along the border in Texas. Here are some highlights from the White House's proposal. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, said the budget is "not a serious proposal".

The $4.7 trillion funding plan cuts foreign aid and DC spending, and gives a boost to the military and border security, as well as to countering Russia's "influence".

In a fresh provocation to Democrats that renews fears of another government shutdown, Mr Trump will set out 5 per cent cuts in non-military spending, more money for the Pentagon and $8.6 billion extra for the border barrier despite having declared a national emergency to seize funds for it. However, despite the department's empty senior positions and chronic vacancies overseas, as documented in a new government report, the budget proposal largely keeps staff levels even, according to budget director Douglas Pitkin.

Ivanka Trump, who has made women's economic issues her main focus, also lobbied for the childcare tax credit that found its way into the 2017 Republican tax reform bill. The president has resisted big, bipartisan budget deals that break the caps - threatening to veto one previous year - but Congress will need to find agreement on spending levels to avoid another federal shutdown in fall.

"Congress has been ignoring the President's spending reductions for the last two years", Vought told reporters.

Trump's budget request calls for spending $30 million on the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a program meant to remove toxic pollution, fight invasive species and deal with other longstanding environmental problems in the eight-state region. By doing that, he can potentially tap an additional $3.6 billion from military accounts and shift it to building the wall.

Trump is also seeking a 5 percent cut in domestic spending, following through on a pledge at a Cabinet meeting last fall to "get rid of the fat, get rid of the waste" with a uniform spending cut. That money was used to finance 55 miles of wall along the Texas border. Baker said he had just met recently with EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, who touted his support for the program.

"For the past few years, no matter whether it was a Republican or Democratic-led administration, there have been attempts to cut or eliminate funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative", said a statement from Ohio Republican Sen. The proposal is significant, both for how it started the politically bloody spending fight ahead (including funding for the border wall), and for its use of classic budget stunts.

Acting administration budget chief Russell Vought will defend Trump's plan before the House Budget Committee on Tuesday. "The same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again", the statement continued.

An official 2020 White House budget won't appear until later this year.

The request is in addition to the funds that Trump is hoping to allocate through executive action after declaring a national emergency in February over the situation on the border, a move likely to tee up a new battle with Congress.