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Republican Rep. Sam Graves of Missouri says there is a border crisis and says Trump acted "well within his legal authority".

The Democratic-controlled House lost a veto override vote that aimed to halt President Donald Trump's national emergency plan to fund a border wall, as Republican support for the president handed him a new victory following the end of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Tuesday's vote bolsters Trump's drive to build a wall along the boundary with Mexico, a hallmark of his 2016 presidential campaign and a priority of his presidency.

Democrats argued the Republican president had overstepped his authority by going around Congress, because the legislature has the power to control spending under the U.S. Constitution.

Celebrating the end of the Justice Department's Russian Federation probe with a round of cable news interviews, Rudy Giuliani falsely claimed special counsel Robert Mueller earned millions of dollars for the investigation. Trump had announced the national emergency in February, following a record-long government shutdown and weeks of negotiations that resulted in a deal giving him billions less than he sought for barriers along the border.

Americans are focused on "what's happening in their lives", she said.

"What we have here is an act of constitutional vandalism - the executive trying to steal the power of the purse from Congress", said Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas.

Democrats and Republicans are both determined to dig into the issue but for different reasons.

Katko missed the vote last month due to the death of his father.

Even with his veto remaining intact, Trump may not be able to spend the money for barriers quickly because of lawsuits that might take years to resolve.

The failed vote removes one roadblock from the administration's effort to secure significant border wall funding from a Congress reluctant to give it to him.

The Defense Department has identified $12.8 billion in funds from projects that can be reallocated to the construction of the border barrier. Though the list was tentative, Democrats were asserting that GOP lawmakers were endangering local bases to pay for the wall.

"The president's lawless emergency declaration clearly violates the Congress's exclusive power of the purse, and Congress will work through the appropriations and defense authorization processes to terminate this unsafe action and restore our constitutional system of balance of powers", House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and top Hispanic Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro said in a joint statement. The president also ordered the shifting of an additional $3.1 billion, which did not require emergency powers. On Tuesday, Trump opponents will need to reach 288 votes to prevail.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said last week that while the veto override might fail, the resolution established congressional opposition to Trump's emergency declaration and could factor into multiple lawsuits challenging it. "But to me, it may well prove to be evidence of treason at the Justice Department, trying to take out a president", said Representative Louie Gohmert, a committee Republican.

An effort by House Democrats to override President Donald Trump's first veto has failed.