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Warren lied about her racial status to gain attention and admittance to elite schools.

That tweet, as many on Twitter noted, included what was apparently a rude reference to a dark time in American history, the Trail of Tears.

Speaking at a campaign event on Sunday, the day after she announced her intention to run for president, Warren said that Trump may not be a "free person" by the end of the election. Asked whether she believes Trump should be impeached, the Senator said it was important to first see Mueller's findings.

The moment marked a notable shift in tone for Warren, who has been reluctant to take on Trump directly by name since she announced her exploratory campaign on New Year's Eve.

"Senator Warren did not make a surprise visit to the NCAI conference today", a spokeswoman told CNN, "although it is my understanding that she spoke at the National Indian Women Honor Luncheon".

With her presidential campaign on the line and a looming swing through key states, Warren expressed repeated regret - but didn't rule out the possibility that there are more forms from that time period out there. "I will never give up on you", she said. "She's forceful and, let's say it - she persists!"

Ms Warren intends to spend Sunday in Iowa, where the lead-off caucuses will be the first test of candidates' viability. She said it was symbolic gesture to the rights of immigrants, women and labor groups, since immigrant women went on strike inside the building over a century ago to protest working conditions and inadequate pay.

She came under heavy criticism from both Republicans and Democrats for falsely claiming Native American ancestry on several professional documents, including her application to Harvard Law School, which later claimed her as a "minority".

She called for "big, structural change" in America that would reach beyond new U.S. leadership - though she called the Trump administration "the most corrupt in living memory".

"Millions of families can barely breathe", Warren said, in a feisty speech that struck aggressively populist and unapologetically left-leaning notes. Kennedy's backing could prove valuable for Warren, given his status as a rising young Democratic star and his friendship with one of her potential 2020 rivals, former Rep. Beto O'Rourke, D-Texas. Kamala Harris, New Jersey Sen. Bernie Sanders, leading the field. "Because that's not only how we win, but that's how we're gonna make the change we need to make".

Despite their similarities, Warren and Sanders have taken somewhat divergent paths in recent months as they prepare for the primary.