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Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said Friday that foreign interventions could even spark a civil war in Venezuela, condemning the European Parliament's decision to recognize Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president in the South American country.

As domestic and global pressure on Maduro to step down mounts, a senior air force general disavowed him in a video that circulated earlier on Saturday, expressing his allegiance to parliament head and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido.

On Thursday, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said security forces showed up at his family's Caracas apartment In an effort to intimidate him.

Maduro, making his first public appearance since claiming to have survived an assassination attempt six months ago, accused Guaido of being a U.S. "puppet" in a coup d'etat attempt.

Loyalists of Maduro's socialist government flooded the streets in a different part of the capital Saturday to celebrate 20 years since Hugo Chavez launched the Bolivarian revolution.

The Supreme Court approved a request from Venezuelan Attorney-General Tarek Saab to open a preliminary investigation into Mr Guaido based on accusations he helped foreign countries interfere in internal matters.

In a country where the socialist leader's foes often end up behind bars, Guaido has thus far managed to avoid arrest, but in recent days authorities have let it be known that even as his powerful global support grows Guaido isn't untouchable.

Before the campaign-style rally, Pence met with some exiled Venezuelans, including a man who said he spent years in prison where he was tortured, and a doctor who brandished a poster-sized photo of what he said was an emaciated child suffering from food shortages in the oil-rich country.

The statement reported, "The U.S. does not recognize ex-president Nicolas Maduro to possess the legal expert to end diplomatic relations with the U.S. or to announce our diplomat's persona non grata".

Mr Maduro's supporters will concentrate in Plaza Bolivar in the heart of Caracas, 10 kilometres from the European Union offices.

Russian Federation has denounced the opposition's "usurpation of power", calling Maduro the crisis-hit country's legitimate leader.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused U.S. President Donald Trump of ordering his assassination while Russian Federation called on Wednesday for mediation in a standoff deepening geopolitical splits.

With 20 tons of gold stacked up for loading and shipping out of Venezuelan vaults, the mystery surrounding them - and the saber-rattling they're sparking - is intensifying.

Guaido has acknowledged "clandestine meetings" with members of the armed forces and security forces, who he is trying to woo with an amnesty offer.

"What most suits Russian Federation and China is the country's stability and a change of government", Guaido said.

Guido is calling for nationwide walkouts Wednesday afternoon and another round of mass protests Saturday as he seeks to ramp up pressure on Maduro.

"We are around the corner from freedom", she said, banging on a pot and wearing a Venezuelan flag.

Chevron Corp. says its operations in Venezuela will continue normally for the "foreseeable future" despite newly imposed USA sanctions on Venezuelan state-owned oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA.