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O'Rourke will join a protest march past Trump's rally at El Paso County Coliseum before they both speak within sight of the border fence.

According to the Baby Trump GoFundMe page, the march will begin at Bowie High School, located at 801 South San Marcial Street in El Paso. Last week at the State of the Union address, President Donald Trump voiced his opinion that the city of El Paso was a violent town until the border wall was constructed.

A standoff between the president and Democrats in Congress over Trump's demand for $5.7 billion for border wall construction led to an unprecedented 35-day partial federal government shutdown from just before Christmas until late last month. Some sported "Make America Great Again" hats, and said they were there to show their support for the construction of a wall at the border. Trump's rally, hard by the "successful border fence", will be met by the Baby Trump blimp and a galvanized March For Truth and Celebration of El Paso featuring Beto O'Rourke, who often cites the contributions of immigrants to his city.

"With the president being in El Paso, it provides an opportunity to test a message that's very different than President Trump's message", communications consultant Hector Nieto said. In this democracy, he told residents, "We (can) get past the lies and fear, focus on the facts and human lives in our midst, and do the right thing.The eyes of the country are on El Paso, and we're going to tell our story".

A Republican National Committee spokeswoman said the barrier in place along the southern border between El Paso and Juarez have worked, including a sharp drop in human trafficking and drug smuggling.

El Paso never had "one of the highest" rates of violent crime "in the entire country". Construction on the border fencing began in 2008 and ended in 2009, as CNN noted after Trump's claim. He cast himself as deeply opposed to the president's rhetoric on immigration.