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The tipster said they were at the house to smoke marijuana and thought they were hallucinating when they first saw the tiger, according to police.

Police said she was kept in a "rinky-dink" cage in the garage that was only secured with a screwdriver and nylon strap, according to Click2Houston.

Animal Enforcement Officers with Houston's BARC Animal Shelter responded to move the tiger to its headquarters temporarily.

They added that the cage could easily open and the tiger could have gone on a "rampage". But by late Monday night, a wildlife sanctuary in Texas had volunteered to give the tiger a permanent home.

It's not illegal to own a tiger in Texas, but a wild-game permit is required.

Police in Houston, Texas in the U.S. said that when the person called to report what they had seen on Monday, they thought the caller was hallucinating. It is also unclear who owns the house and what charges, if any, will be filed.

Animal enforcement officers are pictured with a 350-pound tiger in a Houston garage on February 11, 2019. "Finding a forever home for a tiger is not easy". A one-thousand pound tiger was found inside the garage of a abandoned home in Houston.

In a statement, the Houston Zoo said it will not be able to take the tiger.

The animal officers, who are more accustomed to handling dogs and cats of the smaller variety, tranquilized the tiger, loaded its cage into a horse trailer and drove it across town to the city shelter Monday, Cottingham said.

"I tried to explain to people it's a lot like having a child". The tiger slept off the drugs and seemed in good spirits by Tuesday morning. It's unsafe for them to have (a tiger down the street).

"Only six percent of the United States captive tiger population resides in zoos and other facilities accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums", said a WWF report in 2014.