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Some other reports suggest that the device will have an 8-inch screen when unfolded and a 5-inch screen when folded.

As impressive as the foldable phone looks for Samsung, they are not the only company to be releasing such a device this year. The site, which prepared some renderings you can see attached to this post, also stresses that this gaming phone is not the same thing as the Galaxy Fold that's expected to be unveiled in a few weeks.

Rather than having a screen that curves at the edges like the S9 (and, presumably, the rest of the S10 line), it appears to have a normal screen that just goes flat across the surface of the phone.

Per LetsGoDigital and as you can see in the sketches above, when you fold this handset the display will be on the outside. A teaser video likely meant to be shown at Samsung's first Unpacked conference of 2019 on February 20th shows multiple shots of what looks to be a foldable smartphone. The video, which was subsequently pulled, depicts a foldable device with both internal and external displays, similar to renderings leaked last June.

Samsung did not give major information on the device but it is rumored to be coming later this year.

Meanwhile, Huawei has sacked a Chinese executive who was arrested on spying charges in Poland, saying his actions have no relation to the company and the incident has harmed its reputation. The most interesting part about all of this is that the company might have the technology ready by the time MWC 2019 kicks off.

This device is similar to the Samsung foldable phone concept as the front display is nearly full screen with thinner bezels and you get a larger screen size with the internal flexible display. The company confirmed months back that it had a working prototype but that it was still solving some issues with it. The phone will be the most affordable Galaxy S10 version out there - and we already have some leaked prices for all upcoming Galaxy S10 versions. Are they the future of phones?