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Then with a couple of days to go until Huawei's press event, that device leaked. On the Mate 20 Pro from late 2018, Huawei introduced 40-watt charging speeds, but the Mate X is even quicker with support for charging speeds of 55 watts, almost 40% faster.

As expected, Huawei today officially announced the Huawei Mate X, the world's fastest 5G foldable phone.

The device is most distinguishable for its minimal bezels that surround each panel.

It's when you view the device from the top or bottom sides that it becomes evident that this isn't your usual slab phone design. The Chinese giant also took a subtle dig at the Galaxy Fold's unusual notch on the foldable display, suggesting that the Mate X's main screen doesn't compromise. The gap should be to protect either halves of the folding screen from scratching each other. What this allows the company to do is to create a thicker phone edge where we locate the phone's quad-camera setup. Huawei also showed us a special case that protects the rear and side portion when in phone mode, but you have to take it out to switch to tablet mode and that takes away from the convenience somewhat. This is where the three camera lenses are, alongside a fingerprint-scanning power button and a USB-C port.

It's not just a 6.6-inch display; there's also a "rear facing" 6.38-inch display which (when folded) sits alongside the rear-facing 3-camera array.

Every company releases new smartphones every year, and we are always curious to see what's next. Like the Galaxy Fold, there's a price tag issue.

The 5G Huawei Mate X foldable phone has been officially unveiled to rapturous applause at a jam-packed event at Mobile World Congress 2019. Journalists weren't given demo units of the Galaxy Fold, so it's hard to say what the phone feels like in real-world usage.

Huawei has emphasised the phone's hinge has over 100 components inside it. From certain angles, there's also a very visible crease down the center of the screen where the fold happens, so that's a cause for concern. That's an early head start for Huawei.

The Mate X was said to be 11millimetres thick when folded. Because there's two batteries, they can be charged at the same time at high charging rates. The two-part battery in the Huawei Mate X has a capacity of 4,500 mAh and is powered by a 55-watt charger.

On the Mate X these displays are actually one single panel that can fold along a hinge.

The foldable design means this likely insanely expensive concept phone has a screen that is fully plastic, with no glass in sight. It can unfold to a completely flat state while on the back of it you would notice a narrow vertical strip that bulges out and gives you something to hold on to and get a firmer grip. The modem is paired with the company's Kirin 980 chipset.

The main thing about the Mate X is that Huawei has chosen to avoid any and all screen cutouts. We're not sure if the phone supports mmWave connectivity.