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Earlier in the month, the president's own national security advisor, John Bolton, said in a speech that any withdrawal would be conditioned on the total defeat of ISIS and assurances from Turkey that it would not attack usa -allied Kurdish forces in Syria-tall orders, to put it lightly.

That decision prompted the resignations of Secretary of Defense James Mattis and the Special Presidential Envoy to the Counter-ISIS campaign Brett McGurk. "Scientific breakthroughs have brought a once-distant dream within reach", Trump said in his annual address to Congress.

Votel praises efforts by Iraq's security forces and a US -backed coalition of Syrian fighters known as the Syrian Democratic Force. "I'll get it built", Trump said in his State of the Union speech.

"The US troops withdrawing from Syria is not the end of America's fight".

"ISIS and al Qaeda have yet to be defeated".

On Monday, the Pentagon published a report which said Daesh could make a resurgence in the region without counterterrorism pressure.

Iran's foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif hit back at the accusations Wednesday morning, tweeting that "Iranians - including our Jewish compatriots - are commemorating 40 yrs of progress despite U.S. pressure, just as @realDonaldTrump again makes accusations against us". "But we're-yeah, they'll be coming back in a matter of time".

Trump has reaffirmed his determination to pull out the roughly 2000 U.S. troops from Syria.

Fears that IS fighters are making a strategic manoeuvre to lie low ahead of the United States pullout have fuelled criticism that Trump had telegraphed his military plans - the same thing he accused President Barack Obama of doing in Afghanistan.

"Our troops have fought with unmatched valour - and thanks to their bravery, we are now able to pursue a political solution to this long and bloody conflict", the US President said.

"It is not a change in the mission", Pompeo said, adding "our fight will not necessarily always be military-led".

In an interview that was taped Friday, Trump told CBS News that the USA would use a base in Iraq as a means to "watch" Iran.

Experts who spoke to Al-Monitor said that al-Asad air base would not be enough to counter Iran's overland and maritime routes into Syria and Lebanon that U.S. officials believe are used to support Shiite proxies.

Pompeo said, "To that end, we ask that our coalition partners seriously and rapidly consider requests that will enable our efforts to continue". According to Pompeo, the U.S.is now in "conversations" with allies in the region, namely the Turks, Israelis, Jordanians and Kurds in Syria.

According to the IG report, most of the military commanders' replies to the IG's January questions were classified, but Votel's command provided one overarching conclusion that was not classified. "This is a special group of brilliant people and it's been an honor to work with you and we will continue to work with you because unfortunately, this is not going to be something that, as brilliant as our military is, knocking out the big big sections, they'll still have tiny sections - can be so risky". The administration's nominee to serve as U.S. envoy to Iraq has yet to have a Senate hearing, leaving less senior State and National Security Council officials in charge of the file.

"We are still ready to accept America's... repentance despite the fact that for years it has done injustice to us", he told foreign diplomats in Tehran during a ceremony to mark the 40th anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution.

"We spent a fortune on building this incredible base".