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Having already developed Titanfall and Titanfall 2, Respawn Entertainment had been secretly working on the development of a battle royale title and inserted it into its Titanfall universe.

The answer to the question of who created Apex Legends is found by looking at the developer of the Titanfall first person shooter franchise in Respawn Entertainment.

Fortnite was also a slower burn than Apex Legends, given the fact that it didn't even launch with its popular Battle Royale mode - but that mode still took two weeks to hit 10 million players. Another reason we think that the game won't get a single player campaign anytime soon is that the game is primarily free to play.

In a blog post from earlier today, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella announced the milestone. But saying "the T word" at the very moment when fans are taking their first tentative steps into Apex Legends is pretty audacious unless there's something substantive behind it.

'We hoped you'd love it as much as us, but never in our wildest dreams could we have expected the outpouring of support and positivity we've seen.

Apex Legends is EA and Respawn's entry to the battle royale space. Whether Apex Legends will be a moneymaker is still an open question, but the positive press definitely pours some salve on the company's wounds.

Another important achievement, which Zampella hasn't mentioned, is that Apex Legends is now the most popular game on Twitch. Most of us here at DualShockers are enjoying the game, so if we grab any more footage like the above, let us know if you'd like to see it!

In 72 hours, over 10 million players have jumped into Apex Legends and we've breached 1 million concurrent players! We have so much more in store for you this year.