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As the country counts down to Brexit while politicians remain deadlocked over how best to oversee its departure on March 29, Tesco said it had increased stockholdings of ambient foods such as bottles, packets and tins and made clear plans for each product category.

He made clear that Japanese companies, who employ more than 150,000 people in the United Kingdom, valued the legal stability offered by the transition period included in the Brexit deal agreed by Mrs May with Brussels.

May faces daunting odds in getting her deal passed, and was dealt a stinging defeat on Wednesday when MPs voted for an amendment demanding she produce new plans within three days if the agreement is voted down.

"To break the deadlock, an election is not only the most practical option, it is also the most democratic option", Mr Corbyn will say.

Susan Martin, one of the founding members of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire People's Vote Campaign said: "As a raft of independent assessments - and even the Government themselves - have now acknowledged, the Government's proposed Brexit would severely harm our economy, our NHS, and our standing in the world". One of Labour's top policy team said this would take place immediately, but a spokesman said the timing would be decided as events unfold.

He pitched Labour's alternative plan for a "sensible Brexit deal" to unite the UK's population, shooing away immediate ideas for a second referendum. This would force parliamentarians to choose between the backstop - i.e. their main objection to the deal - and paying more to the European Union without representation, which is bound to be offensive to their constituents.

He told MPs: "There is a question of extension of Article 50 and that may be inevitable now given the position we are in".

"I understand the importance of precedence but it does not completely bind", he said, as Leadsom shook her head. "These discussions have shown that further clarification over the backstop is possible and those talks will continue over the next few days", May said. It will not ensure frictionless trade for United Kingdom businesses and the lack of a clear future relationship also means the Northern Ireland backstop is highly likely to come into place, which would have significant implications across the UK.

The campaign group says that with three-quarters of Labour voters in Yorkshire wanting the United Kingdom to stay in the European Union, its vote share is slipping as Remainers turn their backs on the party. The proposal was first put forward in December to try to win over sceptics, but given a cool reception.

That suggestion did little to win over the DUP.

Earlier, in Prime Minister's Questions, Jeremy Corbyn urged Mrs May to accept the will of the House as expressed in Tuesday's vote and rule out a no-deal Brexit. Most MPs, across the House, including many in government, would not countenance leaving on March 29 with no agreement.

He said: "No 10 is trying to give the impression that no deal remains possible but, after many years of knowing the Prime Minister, I do not believe that she would willingly take Britain out of the European Union without a deal".

May and her negotiators held talks during the New Year recess with various European Union leaders aimed at winning more assurances about the major stumbling block to the deal, the fate of the land border between Northern Ireland and the neighboring Irish Republic.

"I don't think the British public are served by fantasies about magical, alternative deals that are somehow going to spring out of a cupboard in Brussels", Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington told BBC radio.

Asked whether she believed the United Kingdom could thrive after a no-deal Brexit, Rudd said: "This is a strong and great country, we will find a way to succeed, but I do not think that no deal would be good for this country and I'm committed to making sure we find an alternative".