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In a tweet from Netflix's official account, the streaming platform revealed that 45,037,125 accounts watched Bird Box in its first 7 days.

Lead actress Sandra Bullock, who plays the role of Malorie, recalled in the interview that, "It was snake-like, and I was like, 'I don't want to see it when it first happens. I'll still make The Post and ask an audience to please go out to theaters and see The Post and not make it for Netflix".

But the biggest debate that the "Bird Box" viewing stat prompted was about how to compare it to box-office returns. We'll shoot the scene.' I turn and he's like this [growling at me]. "It was just a long fat baby". That's another thing that Netflix doesn't tell us, but this time around the company told The Verge that it only counted an account having watched Bird Box 'once a view surpasses 70 percent of the total running time (including credits).' The company also made it clear that each account is only counted once, even though it may include multiple views. So the 45 million viewer figure for "Bird Box" over the Christmas holiday (assuming people watched the whole movie) is not exactly as major as "Aquaman" pulling in $900 million over the same holiday. "It's just going to be amusing, '" Bier stated.

Bier told BloodyDisgusting.com, "Whatever those beings are, they tap into your deepest fear". Where the conceit is really strong, then trying to illustrate it is kind of nearly meaningless. One of which is regarding the movie's mysterious monsters that, upon a glance, leave people with an urge to commit suicide. "So it would have been the wrong decision".

As noted by Variety, this statistic comes directly from Netflix, and hasn't been accurately gauged by outside parties.

On Friday, Netflix said that over 45 million accounts on its service had watched its latest original movie, "Bird Box", the Susanne Bier-directed thriller that follows Sandra Bullock as she tries to survive an unseen presence that causes people to kill themselves. "It's pretty much done so it's kind of this is what it would look like if they actually did what they are doing", she said.