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According to reports, R. Kelly is gearing up to finally tell his side of things and expose his accusers one-by-one courtesy of an upcoming Facebook page and website. The six-part documentary series premiered on Thursday, January 3, airing each episode on a nightly basis, and now Surviving R Kelly has been given a United Kingdom release date. In April of this year, Kelly's lawyer, publicist, and assistant reportedly quit, although his publicist told Rolling Stone that her departure wasn't related to allegations against the singer.

Master P don't like the parents of R. Kelly victims.

As Vulture notes, BuzzFeed reporter Ryan Mac managed to screenshot images of the page before it was taken down.

Horrifying allegations have been made against singer R Kelly for three decades, including an upsetting trial involving 21 counts of child pornography.

It is also believed Joycelyn Savage's family legal representatives have been contacted.

Those girls, now women, are the focus of Surviving R. Kelly, an extremely effective piece of entertainment journalism-though it may be more accurate to think of it as an extremely effective piece of activist entertainment journalism.

Spotify didn't respond to request for comment on the matter, but this isn't the first time Spotify has run into the controversies surrounding Kelly and his music.

What happens in Surviving R Kelly on Lifetime?

R. Kelly has reportedly claimed that he doesn't know numerous women interviewed for a shocking documentary about his past, which finished airing on Lifetime over the weekend. During the docu-series, which aired last week, celebrities including Tank, Kerry Washington and Jada Pinkett-Smith have called for the claims to no longer be ignored.

Who stars in Surviving R Kelly on Lifetime?

Screenshots of the page were captured by the internet archive Wayback Machine show a Pinocchio cartoon as the main photo, as well as alleged text messages from Rodgers calling Kelly "daddy", which she has said he instructed her to do.

Ex-girlfriends Kitti Jones, Lisa Van Allen, and Sparkle all appear on the Lifetime series.

But during an interview with Cassius' Jamilah Lemieux, which was recorded in May, Chance shared remorse over the collaboration.

Surviving R Kelly will air in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, February 5, at 10pm on Lifetime.