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The vehicle was showcased at Detroit Auto Show and presents us with the first major insight into the technological development which General Motors is pursuing with its premium Cadillac brand. The General Motors (GM) subsidiary recently showcased a few pictures teasing enthusiasts with what looks like a full-blown electric SUV.

The automaker announced on Friday that the first model will feature GM's new battery electric vehicle architecture, which will lay the foundation for a "family of profitable EVs".

Cadillac's new electric vehicle announcement follows the brand's push to advance automobiles. However, these are mere speculations, with no official confirmation given by the company.

Update 14.01.2019: Images of the first all-electric Cadillac model (above) were published shortly after General Motors confirmed Cadillac as the Group's leading brand for future electric models.

"Cadillac's EV will hit the heart of the crossover market and meet the needs of customers around the world", said Cadillac president Steve Carlisle.

The company promises that the auto will feature advanced drive units and battery cells that work optimally in all of GM's diverse markets.

That would be an all-new, fully electric vehicle for Cadillac. The e-crossover is expected to be the first to use the new GM BEV3 platform from 2021.

GM says it is developing battery cells and drive units that can be used across different GM vehicle lineups across the globe. GM said its gearing up to position Cadillac as a luxury rival to the current segment leader, Tesla.