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The 17-year-old was (unsuccessfully) trying to emulate characters from Bird Box, a Sandra Bullock movie where characters are forced to blindfold themselves to escape an apocalypse caused by supernatural beings.

The teen, who is not being named, then crossed over into oncoming traffic, hit a white SUV and crashed into a light pole, police said, according to ABC4.

No one was hurt in the Monday crash north of Salt Lake City.

These actions inspired Netflix to release a statement, urging people not to put themselves in danger with the viral challenge. Ironically, the teen very almost committed suicide herself trying to copy the film, and one of the film's characters does commit suicide by driving (un-blindfolded) into oncoming traffic.

Lieutenant Travis Lyman, a spokesperson for the department, told Gizmodo that a 17-year-old girl tried her luck with the meme on Monday and ended up crashing into another vehicle. They reportedly called out the Bird Box Challenge specifically. There were no injuries, but she faces charges of reckless driving and both cars were significantly damaged.

When the movie first came out, Netflix gave a clear warning to viewers to not try the risky challenge.

It all started with the Netflix' movie Bird Box in late December.

But the stakes behind the real-world version are far less urgent, nearly guaranteeing the likelihood that blindfolding yourself and trying to do things - especially around other people - will leave you (or them) in worse shape than before you started.

After the crash, Layton police also took to social media to warn others from repeating the challenge.