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An impressive - and highly unusual for the White House - smorgasbord greeted the players in the East Room.

Senate Democrats planned to gather on the steps of the Capitol at noon EST (1500 GMT) on Wednesday to highlight the havoc the shutdown is wreaking, as 800,000 federal workers are furloughed or work without pay, and contractors do not receive payments.

"The Clemson championship team, the national championship team will be coming tonight, it'll be exciting", Trump said when speaking to reporters outside the White House. The president does draw a salary but Trump donates his monthly pay to charity.

The White House hosted team at the White House Monday night to celebrate their win over the Alabama Crimson Tide in the national championship game on January 7. "Lots of hamburgers, lots of pizza", Trump said.

"Today, the President offered both Democrats and Republicans the chance to meet for lunch at the White House".

The US federal shutdown drags into fourth week. That means that when a national championship team swung by the white house to have a celebratory dinner with the president, they got a feast that didn't exactly look like your traditional State Dining Room dinner. In a statement issued to the Daily Caller Wednesday, Don Jr. said Pelosi is terrified his father will get another chance to speak unfiltered about the Democrat Party's obstruction.

"How in the world do you not perceive that as sexist, to say the assumption that his wife's gonna go make salads for a bunch of football players?" she responded. "It'll be interesting. And I would think that's their favorite food", Trump said.

"I said, you guys aren't into salads".

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that the economy remained strong.

The budget of the executive office of the president, which includes the White House residence, is funded by the Financial Services and General Government spending bill, which has not been passed.

Trump is meeting Wednesday with a group of almost 50 Democratic and Republican lawmakers that calls itself the Problem Solvers Caucus, as he continues to make the case for more than $5 billion in funding for construction of the border wall aimed at stopping illegal migration into the United States.

Some Twitter users criticized the president for serving such food to college athletes, whose diets are strictly controlled by nutritionists.

Donald Trump has already been mocked by fast-food giant Burger King for his hilarious "hamberders" typo; now the hosts of late night are getting in on the action. "It's all American stuff", he added, noting the smorgasbord of pizza, "300 hamburgers, many, many french fries - all of our favorite foods".