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The mistake was made on an August flight from Vietnam to NY.

Cathay Pacific briefly sold business and first class tickets at a fraction of their retail price because of a ticketing error.

Cathay Pacific tweeted that the mistake was a "VERY good surprise special on New Year's Day". "Hope this will make your 2019 "special" too!", the airline said on its Twitter account.

But despite realising the glitch, the airline reassured lucky passengers who snapped up the cheap tickets that the fare price would still be honoured.

The mistake was first spotted by those who love to travel.

It took two days for Cathay to publicly acknowledge the error with the airline on Wednesday saying it would indeed honor the cheap fares.

The blunder concluded a challenging year for Cathay Pacific, which has been trying to return to profitability after posting its first ever back-to-back annual loss in March. He later found that the airline had made a mistake but that they chose to honor the tickets.

If you're interested in cashing in the next time a mistake fare drops from the sky, there's a bunch of websites that are there to help.

If you spot a remarkably low fare, it is best to book the flight on your credit card, as the process to be sent e-tickets is quicker and more likely to happen before the mistake is noticed.

Cathay Pacific accidentally offered luxury at a bargain price.

It's been a hard year for the airline who, in September last year, was ridiculed for spelling its name wrong on the side of one of its planes.

The question then was: would Cathay honor the under-priced tickets?

This gaffe comes after the airline's computer system was hacked past year, exposing the personal data of more than 9 million customers in the industry's biggest airline data breach.

The reaction was not quite as favorable in October when Cathay announced it a data breach had compromised the details of 9.4 million passengers.