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The RTX 20 Series for laptops also features NVIDIA's Max-Q tech, which helps keep the cards cool while under load - something that's incredibly important in a laptop form factor.

Nvidia didnt reveal any details of introducing these RTX graphics cards beyond PCs at that point in time.

Today, during Nvidia's CES 2019 press conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, the graphics giant announced the RTX 2060 video card.

In recent months, NVIDIA has also been boasting its ray-tracing technology that can provide more realistic lighting in games. Huang claimed that the RTX 2060 can beat the GTX 1070 Ti, which is at least $50 more expansive at the moment. It also boosts gaming performance through a feature called Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS).

The company plans to officially launch the Omen 15 laptops with NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU in February, and the variant with the 15.6-inch 1080p 240Hz IPS display and the new Wi-Fi controller supporting the 802.11ax standard will release in July. At CES 2019, the Nvidia team announced that the GeForce RTX series will be available in over 40 laptops in over 100 configurations, an area that the team believes to be the "fastest growing gaming platform".

This gamer flair is then backed up 17.3 and 15.6-inch Full HD 144 Hz displays, 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processors and, yes, that delightfully powerful Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080. The RTX 2070 will also come with your choice of the two games, and getting an RTX 2080 or 2080 Ti will get you both.

When the RTX 2060 launches on the 15th, you'll be able to get it bundled with either Anthem or Battlefield V so that you can get a taste of advanced features like ray tracing and DLSS right out of the box. It can reportedly run "Battlefield V" with ray tracing at 60 frames per second thanks, in part, to an upgraded core streaming multiprocessor, adaptive shading technology, and a new unified memory architecture with twice the cache of the GTX 1060. This allows the company to create some of the world's thinnest and quietest gaming laptops.