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New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy kicked off the press conference and confirmed that MetLife Stadium will be home to one of the XFL teams.

A few months ago Vince McMahon announced that the XFL will be returning, and since then McMahon has been putting the pieces in place as he prepares to relaunch the league in 2020.

In terms of selecting host cities for the XFL's first season, it was noted that more than 30 cities and venues expressed interest in participating, and that the league was looking for dedicated long-term partners rather than just a buildings to rent.

St. Louis is the only XFL home city that does not have a current National Football League team after the Rams moved back to Los Angeles in 2016.

It seems by placing XFL cities in famous National Football League locations, they are able to possibly capitalize on the downtime those fans might have in that market in the offseason.

Commissioner Luck emphasized that they are committed to "listening to the fans" and keeping each game well under three hours. Each team will have a 45-man active roster and the league will play a 10-week regular season.

The refurbished XFL falls under the auspices of McMahon's Alpha Entertainment. It opened to impressive TV ratings, but audiences quickly tuned out a league that seemed too gimmicky - TV cameras in the bathrooms, lascivious cheerleaders and jerseys that included self-chosen nicknames such as "He Hate Me". The CFL has history, infrastructure, established teams and fan bases, all of which make it attractive to someone who wants to get paid to play football. But McMahon's XFL is said to be buttressed by US$100-milllion of his own money, and Luck said it is funded for a five-year plan that will give it time to grow.

It seems they have a pretty good point.