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Yesterday both Verge and MacRumors covered this issue in different articles and were assured by Apple that it's not an issue but a normal side effect.

Most of the cases of bent iPad Pros reported so far show signs of bending right in the middle where the microphone is placed, which is what Nelson said was is the weakest points of the tablet.

Those who are annoyed by the bend shouldn't have any trouble exchanging or returning their iPad Pro at any Apple Store or other retailers. Apple can claim whatever it wants, but the bottom line is these units should become bent out of the box.

Now, if you're looking for deals on Apple devices, there's still time to score a big one on the new iPad.

It would probably be safe to assume someone spending $2400 plus tax on an iPad Pro would be rightly upset if it came out of the box slightly bent. Apple will still accept returns as long as they take place within the 14-day return period that the company offers.

Okay, so most people aren't silly enough to throw down their hard-earned money on a new iPad Pro, only to snap it in half like that infamous YouTube video which did the rounds recently.

Maybe the new 2018 iPad Pro's extreme thinness isn't a good thing? Don't worry though, Apple says it's perfectly fine! Apple customers first started noticing the issue with their iPad Pro devices, reporting the issues online.

When Apple launched the iPhone 6 several years ago, it was met with overwhelming controversy over pervasive bending issues, even earning the nickname "bendgate" in the midst of the ordeal. Furthermore, the company explains that the bending shouldn't worsen over time and the performance of the device is not in any way impacted. This might not be taken in a positive light by users and potential buyers as the tablet costs Rs 71,900 (base model of 11-inch iPad Pro (2018)).