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U.S. Customs and Border Protection said that the San Diego sector has experienced a "slight uptick" in families entering the U.S. illegally and turning themselves in to agents since the caravan of Central American migrants arrived in Tijuana two weeks ago. Recently, a security camera showed a family dropping their six kids 18 feet over the border wall to America soil, only to be picked up by border patrol agents and returned to the other side.

The city government of Tijuana announced Saturday that it has closed down a migrant shelter at a sports complex close to the USA border that once held about 6,000 Central Americans who hope to get into the U.S.

The family of six that illegally crossed the border into the United States includes three children, ages 2, 7, and 10, and is from Guatemala, according to CBP.

Inland, more migrants followed as darkness came, with families including children making it over the fence.

A Honduran woman affiliated with a caravan of Central American migrants gave birth on US soil shortly after entering the country illegally amid growing frustration about a bottleneck to claim asylum at official border crossings.

"We're just observing, waiting to see what happens", Mayeni said.

Members of the Central American migrant caravan sit next to the border wall in Tijuana Mexico 05 December 2018

The caravan migrants reportedly know that once they're in, they have to be processed and it's hard for the United States to throw them out.

Ninety minutes later, she and her family were over the fence. U.S. Border Patrol agents had the territory between the two barriers heavily covered.

Thousands of migrants have been waiting for a chance to apply for asylum.

One of the children "suffered a facial injury" and was treated on the scene. Migrants may have to wait months before their asylum claims are heard, and some have opted to turn and go back home rather than wait in a hostile environment in Mexico. They're well organized and brought to the border by a group and we told they would be able to cross easily into the U.S.to present an asylum claim.

Officials said the groups of illegal immigrants are not believed to be associated with the large caravan of mostly Central American migrants that have prompted the military deployment. Mexican authorities arrested and deported those they considered responsible for compromising the city's commitment to public order.