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Earlier this week, Samsung and Verizon had both announced plans to bring mobile devices with 5G connectivity powered by Qualcomm's new processor; it is believed the Galaxy S10 will the first such phone to launch in the first half of 2019. If you have any issues streaming a video over the current 4G LTE network, for example, 5G should supposedly fix that. They'll not only be smarter and more responsive but will tap into the super-fast 5G network, shoot better photos and recognize images, and let us securely unlock our phones using in-screen fingerprint readers.

He continued, "This time next year, we'll be talking about the unbelievable services, devices, and experiences powered by 5G". Any 5G-compatible phone maker would need to pair it with the company's X50 modem chip. The three of them are conspiring to bring a 5G phone to market in the U.S. next year but the only date commitment they will make is the first half of the year.

Samsung, which is set to launch world's first foldable smartphone early 2019, has partnered with Verizon on its 5G Home offering since the beginning of 2018. In Qualcomm's own benchmarking, the Snapdragon 855 is three times quicker than the older 845 and also beats the Kirin and A12 - sounds promising so far.

"Samsung offers end-to-end solutions that are accelerating the wide scale adoption of 5G and help us realize our vision of truly connected living", said Justin Denison, SVP of Mobile Product Strategy and Marketing at Samsung Electronics America.

Qualcomm is, of course, talking up the Snapdragon 855's 5G capabilities as we get ready to head into the new frontier of the latest and greatest wireless networks. The company is hosting events with more information about the Snapdragon 855 throughout the Summit, and most of the mobile platform's specifications and features will be made public during Day 2.

"Everything we can do with the smartphones we have now, it is not going to be that different with 5G", Amon argues".

Something to look forward to: As hinted at last month, Qualcomm has just announced the SoC that will be powering the majority of next year's smartphones: the Snapdragon 855. We're out at the Summit as guests of Qualcomm, and will be bringing you all the news this week.

This ultimate mobile technology which allows files to be downloaded at blistering speeds will arrive in 2019 and could change the way consumers use their devices.