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The new addition works only with Google Play Music subscription, and you need to say something like, "Hey Google, play "Jingle Bell Rock" on Google Play Music". If you own a device like Google Home Hub, you'll be able to turn it into a karaoke machine.

You never know when you're going to think of the ideal gift for someone on your list, and you can't always jot it down so you don't forget. Everything will continue to work as normal if you don't throw a "please" or "thank you" into the mix. Google Assistant incorporates a stereo driver configuration (two 5.75cm full range drivers) and 13cm integrated subwoofer within its wood veneer, complete with aluminium knobs. If you make commands to Google Assistant using the words "please" or "thank you", Google Assistant will respond in a well-mannered tone, using polite phrases to encourage you to continue doing the same in the future.

Although relatively minor when considered individually, these new Google Assistant skills certainly add up to ensure each and every user gets a little something to have fun with or improve the convenience of supported smart speakers and smart displays.

For instance, you can ask Google Assistant nicely to set a timer with the "Pretty Please" functionality, and you will be thanked for your politeness before the task is actually completed.

For starters, the Assistant is getting more polite. That feature was actually announced a couple of weeks ago, but it is rolling out this week, so that users can actually use it. The update also brings visual lyrics. If you just want a regular story, Google has expanded the list of titles to over 50, including Beauty and the Beast, Dora's Super Sleepover and PAW Patrol's Holiday Helpers. (Nest Labs is a subsidiary of Google.) So now you can screen your visitors to let guests in and deliveries get handled, while avoiding solicitors and other uninvited rabble. Not only is your smart speaker capable of reading all the classics now, also supporting new holiday content from Nickelodeon. Now, we're making it easier to share photos with people on your contact list when you land on a photo that you like by saying "Hey Google, share this photo with April".

Of course, that's not the only feature added with Assistant's latest update.

- Touch Alarms in Quick Settings: We added a quick way to set an alarm on your Smart Display, just swipe up from the home screen and tap the new timer button. So parents can force their kids to say please when asking Google Assistant something.

First up, the ability to create better lists and takes notes with the digital assistant.