KXIP vs KKR Live Score

HBO dropped the 39-second clip overnight and nearly immediately people started speculating over what it all means despite it not showing any footage of the much-anticipated season eight.

The teaser also confirms the next season will premiere in April 2019.

As pointed out by our own Kim Renfro, "GoT" composer Djawadi Ramin's "Winter is Here", from the season seven finale, can be heard in the teaser. Meeting in the middle on the board, ice and fire finally meet. The last few episodes will air in the United Kingdom in April 2019. The thrones team is keeping their tabs for the much awaited season which will have 6 episodes.

As the teaser opens, we see a great wave of ice spreading across what looks like a stone table with the map of Westeros dotting it. The ice-coloured smoke then moves over the wolf (which represents Winterfell) frozen solid, then a Targaryen dragon. The fire comes to take over the ocean like Daenery's forces Lannister in a tight collision. HBO released the 50-second teaser on Friday and it has sent the social media into tizzy.

Game of Thrones which brings the story from George R.R. Martin's novels about the quest to claim the Iron Throne alive, is known for the twists and turns, ruthless killing scenes, unexpected deaths all wrapped up with emotion and drama. The last season ended with a bang when the Night King got control over one of the dragons of Daenerys and destroying The Wall and its protective magic.

Who will win? Fire or ice?