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It weighs in at 5,600 pounds, and while much of the shipment is fairly typical of a resupply mission, there's also a very special holiday dinner packed away that some of the crew members will get to enjoy when Christmas rolls around.

And to make the occasion an equally happy one for the crew members working in the International Space Station, a rocket filled with food items like smoked turkey breast, cranberry sauce, candied yams and fruitcake was sent to the station and it was expected to reach the destination by Saturday, December 8.

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Meanwhile, the Dragon cargo capsule was safely on its way to a docking with the station later this week.

Also, a new robotic refueling mission traveling with the Dragon spacecraft called Robotic Refueling Mission-3 (RRM-3) will practice transferring and storing liquid methane in space for the first time.

Falcon 9 B1050 seen shortly before a grid fin lost control, throwing the rocket into a near-uncontrollable spin. The landing marked the first time SpaceX had flown a first stage three times.

Minutes later, the rocket's first stage performed a so-called boost back maneuver and landed on an unmanned ship in the Pacific.

"The launch was moved to Wednesday after mold was found on food bars for a rodent investigation prior to handover to SpaceX", NASA said in a statement late Monday.

But the primary goal of Wednesday's mission was to deliver the Dragon cargo ship to the proper orbit.

Watch on NASA TV below, or at NASA's website, or via SpaceX's own webcast.

"This mission signifies Spaceflight's first dedicated rideshare mission to a sun synchronous low-Earth orbit and represents our company's effort to accommodate the growing number of domestic, international, government, and commercial customers seeking affordable rideshare options to launch their spacecraft into orbit", a Spaceflight spokesperson stated.

When the Dragon arrives, it will join five other spacecraft already at the station. Newcomers Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, NASA astronaut Anne McClain and Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques will stay until June.