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He called the compromise legislation "a critical step" and said NFU "strongly urge [s] Congress to approve the farm bill before the end of the year". The bill has the backing of President Trump, and it's expected to pass the House in the next week.

The legislation over the years has provided farmers with crop insurance, subsidies and loans. The new farm bill would remove industrial hemp from the same federal regulatory category as marijuana.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., along with Committee on House Administration leadership, released a joint statement Wednesday praising the bill but acknowledging that more work lies ahead.

House Republicans' farm bill would have forced states to impose work requirements on people ages 49 to 59 who get food stamps.

Another contentious piece of the House's original legislation, relaxing restrictions on pesticide use, also didn't make it into the final text.

Public-private partnerships: Annual funding of $300 million for the Regional Conservation Partnership Program that will bring an additional $3 billion in matching private dollars to deliver water quality improvements at the watershed-scale.

Why did Senate Republicans push to water down a bill that targets lawmakers who sexually harass and discriminate against thei
Reuters Why did Senate Republicans push to water down a bill that targets lawmakers who sexually harass and discriminate against their staff

"We have overwhelming support for our bill that will really help our farmers and ranchers through a hard time". The vote barely passed, 206-203, with only five Democrats voting for and 17 Republicans voting against.

The farm bill's allowance for the processing of hemp will likely force greater clarity on the issue as more companies rush to capitalize on the booming CBD market and hemp's newly legal status. "The commodities that we raise and grow in South Dakota, whether that's corn, soybeans, wheat, livestock, we're always in competition with the rice and cotton and peanut growers in the south about how resources get allocated, which programs get adopted in the farm bill".

As far as congressional staffers who want to file lawsuits against lawmakers, House staffers would also have access to House counsel to pursue claims, while Senate staffers would not. The Senate version would have capped how much lawmakers themselves had to pay, while the House version would have set no limits. The final text doesn't significantly increase the agencies' authority.

"Farmers and ranchers - who face enough uncertainty with low farm prices and trade uncertainties - deserve the certainty that this bipartisan Farm Bill provides", Smith said.

Congress has already made a number of changes to policy this year to address concerns about sexual assault and workplace harassment, including requiring mandatory anti-harassment training for members, staff, interns and congressional fellows in each session of Congress. He spent $84,000 in taxpayer money to settle a lawsuit by one of his former aides, Lauren Greene, who alleged that he said he had "wet dreams" about her and said she was welcome to "show her nipples whenever she wanted".