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The 33-year-old Australian man was paddle boarding and then swimming off a chartered yacht in the Whitsunday Islands' Cid Harbour when he was bitten by a shark at around 5:30 p.m. on Monday, a police spokesman said.

Shark control equipment had been temporarily placed in Cid Harbour following the first two attacks but was removed on September 27 after the potentially unsafe sharks were removed.

A man has died following a shark attack in the Whitsunday Island's Cid Harbour, where two others were mauled in the space of 24 hours in September.

SHARK experts have described the three attacks in the Whitsunday's as completely out of the ordinary for the underwater predator.

"The QAS (Queensland Ambulance Services) and the helicopter were notified, however, by the time the helicopter arrived on scene, the man had lost a substantial amount of blood and had come in to cardiac arrest".

"CPR was ongoing for a very long time and every effort was made to save the man's life", he said.

Australia has averaged fewer than two deadly shark attacks per year in recent decades.

Prof O'Connell said Dr Christidis showed "amazing patient care" on one occasion getting an upset patient a cake on her birthday. As he dived off the board to make way for his companion, the shark suddenly struck, biting him on the left thigh, right calf and left wrist.

46-year-old Justine Barwick and 12-year-old Hannah Papps both survived, with the young girl losing her leg. The shark bite left her bleeding profusely and needing emergency surgery, Seven News reported.

Many in the area are now calling on the state government of Queensland to implement baited drum lines and shark nets to prevent further attacks.

"Daniel is a rare individual who is constantly enthusiastic and positive", Prof O'Connell said.

Signs will be installed around the area warning people not to go swimming there, Jones said, adding that, "Neither the local mayor, Andrew Willcox, marine authorities nor local tourism operators want to see drum lines redeployed".

"The Cid Harbour area is not covered by the Queensland Government's Shark Control Program, which operates at 85 of Queensland's most popular beaches", he said.

Mr Furner said he had also heard anecdotal evidence of people dumping food from yachts, which was attracting sharks.