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If Texas is going remain a solidly red state, the state Republican Party is going to have to make inroads in every major city, all of which are Democratic dominated, and court Hispanics voters in every corner of the state.

O'Rourke lost a closely watched race to Sen.

He also said O'Rourke's support for impeaching Trump, relaxing federal immigration policy, decriminalising marijuana and implementing universal health care were too liberal for even numerous state's moderate Democrats and independents. Though the senator has since become one of Trump's staunchest defenders, the president nonetheless staged a massive rally in Houston just two weeks before Election Day to ensure his conservative base wouldn't abandon Cruz.

"That's the first news of the evening...they can now open investigations into the President and we can finally find out if Donald Trump has ever done anything unethical", Colbert, 54, stated according to The Hollywood Reporter. In turn, Cruz garnered praise from President Trump, who referred to his former political rival as "Beautiful Ted" in the days ahead of the vote.

"It's the time for choosing".

MSNBC's Brian Williams later apologised for what was said, telling viewers that "we have no control over what it's in the concession speeches of various campaigns". Both said strong early voting statewide was a good sign for them. He set fundraising records and made Cruz work for the victory, but Cruz ultimately pulled out a three-point victory. O'Rourke supported various progressive initiatives, including the implementation of universal health care and looser immigration laws.