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It stems from private organisations Marcos, 89, created while holding a variety of posts in government.

"The conviction of Imelda [Romualdez] Marcos for seven counts of graft by the Sandiganbayan is a welcome development in our justice system". She faces between 6 to 11 years in prison for each of the seven charges.

Ferdinand Marcos, who along with his cronies was accused of pilfering $10 billion from the Philippines, fled with his family to the U.S. after a people's uprising ended his 20-year rule in 1986.

Former Philippine Human Rights Commission chair Loretta Ann Rosales, who was raped and tortured by soldiers of the Marcos regime, told ABS-CBN Network that she was "jumping up and down in joy in disbelief" at the guilty verdict. President Rodrigo Duterte counts the family among his supporters and has expressed admiration for Ferdinand Marcos. Aside from this decision, she is no longer allowed to hold any position in public office.

Marcos said in a statement that the decision was being studied by one of her lawyers who notified the Marcos family that he intends to appeal the decision.

An anti-graft court has ordered Imelda Marcos to serve a minimum of six years behind bars over US$200 million funnelled through Swiss foundations decades ago.

In particular, illegal Bank accounts in Switzerland, you should have opened with her husband in the 1970s. She will also be able to continue her election run until the court rules on her appeal.

He was accused of amassing more than US$10 billion while in office and died in exile in 1989. Her conviction is still subject to appeal.

Marcos' daughter, Imee, is running for a seat in the Senate with backing from a political coalition formed by Mr Duterte's daughter. Duterte also has the power to pardon Marcos after a final court ruling.

Neither Marcos nor her lawyers were present at the promulgation of the decision.

Former congressman and activist leader Teddy Casino expressed doubts about that claim to the Wall Street Journal on Friday, anticipating Duterte will use his influence with the Supreme Court to overturn the convictions.