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According to The Hill, Recode held an event with the former USA senator at New York City's 92nd Street Y, and host Kara Swisher mistakenly attributed the "when they go low, kick them in the shins" quote to Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) instead of former Attorney General Eric Holder.

"Yeah, I know they all look alike", said Clinton to laughter and applause from the audience.

She corrected Swisher stating that it was Holder before adding, "I know they all look alike".

Asked by Swisher whether she would be doing any of the lifting, Clinton said: "I have no idea". "But I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure we have a Democrat in the White House come January 2021".

"Tweeps, simmer down", she tweeted.

Ms. Swisher noted to her that she hesitated.

In September 2017, Clinton - a presidential candidate in 2008 and the 2016 Democratic nominee - said during a CBS interview that she was "done with being a candidate".

If you fail, try, try again.

Whatever her intentions, the former presidential candidate has a long history of launching into jokes that fall flat.

As I wrote at the time, it was a seeming vindication for the "Party Decides" theory about how presidential primaries work. "She's younger than Donald Trump by a year".

Whether you love her or whether you hate her, it is time for Hillary Clinton to move past running for office.

It's not clear whether she meant as the real president - Donald Trump - or as the president of a fairy tale world where Clinton decided it would be a good idea to campaign in Wisconsin. Clinton could well conclude that she can't win without those insiders.

Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 with an Electoral College tally of 304 - 227. She has also has maintained an active presence in Democratic circles, appearing alongside candidates such as Andrew Gillum, the Tallahassee mayor running for governor of Florida.

Swisher, seeming to catch on a bit too late to what every last Democrat probably hopes was just an innocent, well-intentioned wisecrack (no matter how tasteless), quickly replied, "No, they don't", before she apparently got the joke: "Oh, well done", she added. I don't think it deserves a donkey of the day!