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Oh yes, fam: Ariana Grande now has a lob.

And for Ariana, this snip is especially extreme since her name has basically become synonymous with her stick straight, hip-grazing, cascading high ponytail. On Nov. 15, the singer took to Instagram to show off her new look by posting a selfie, filtered with the Snapchat floral bunny.

In addition to changing their hairstyles in the wake of their failed engagement, the couple have also begun covering up the tattoos they got while they were together. Recently, she's been wearing her hair down more, but it has still been super long.

She posted the photo with no acknowledgment of the new cut.

What are some of your favorite moments featuring Ariana Grande's ponytail?

One follower wrote: "This haircut gives me life", and another commented "BYE CHOPPING OFF ALL MY HAIR".

Thank u, next. That's what we can only assume that Ariana Grande just said to her signature ponytail.

Most people are totally here for the new look. She continued to tweet the lyrics of the song before and after the release, answering to fans that a new album will be on its way shortly.

The "Dangerous Woman" hitmaker had previously admitted her ponytail made her feel like a "Victoria Secret Angel". "I now wear a wig on Sam & Cat", she said. "Wow your real hair is handsome", another wrote.