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According to the LA Times, the boy, whose photo has been released without his name by family, was in the chilly Pacific off the coast of Encinitas outside San Diego when the unlikely attack occurred.

"When the bystanders got there, he was conscious, he was above water... and he was talking all the way while he was being transported", Giles said.

Lifeguards had been on duty early Saturday due to two nearby events, and the response to the attack was "very short", Giles said.

San Diego Fire-Rescue lifeguards were also on scene.

Encinitas Lifeguard captain Larry Giles said the 13-year-old boy suffered traumatic injuries, but he described it as a nonfatal attack. Three good Samaritans heard the boy's cries and assisted in bringing him ashore using a kayak, Giles said.

A witness who knew the victim told FOX 5 he was a young teen on a lobster diving trip.

Hammel said he thought the boy was just excited when he first heard him shouting. "And his whole clavicle's ripped open; you could see the ball and socket joint and everything". And then I realized that he was yelling, 'I got bit. "We told him he's going to be okay, he's going to be alright".

Hammel also said he couldn't have helped the teen without the help of his friends and the dozens of others on the beach.

The area was closed for 48 hours from La Costa Avenue to Swami's Beach while an investigation took place with California State Parks, California Fish and Game, San Diego County Sheriff's Department, City of Solana Beach and the City of Carlsbad. I yelled at everyone to get out of the water: "'There's a shark in the water!'"

In July of 2014, a great white shark attacked a swimmer near the pier in Manhattan Beach.

The victim was attacked in about 9 feet of water and was approximately 150 yards offshore, Giles said.