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As well as explaining how her relationship with her husband works, Melania also let her feelings be known about the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

First lady Melania Trump waves before entering the Great Pyramid as she visits the historical site of the Giza Pyramids in Giza, near Cairo, Egypt.

Journalists in Egypt, she said: "I would like people to focus on what I'm doing, not on what I'm wearing".

On Friday, she visited the Nairobi National Park in Nairobi, Kenya, where she was spotted wearing a white blouse, brown riding trousers, boots and the white pith helmet - which is associated with colonial rule across Africa, The Guardian reported. I'm glad that Dr. Ford was heard, I'm glad that Judge Kavanaugh was heard. "What happened so many years ago is really a tragedy", she said.

Standing in front of the Sphinx, Mrs. Trump said she makes her opinions clear with her husband. "I'm against any kind of abuse".

She refused to comment when asked if she believed Ford's claims.

On her four-country tour of Africa (which wrapped up in Egypt on the weekend) Trump's wardrobe had a weird "safari chic" vibe, starting from when she stepped onto her jet in Maryland wearing a pair of leopard print Manolo Blahniks.

When the topic of POTUS's itchy Twitter fingers came up, she said, "I don't always agree [with] what he tweets and I tell him that".

"Sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn't", Melania continued.

One Twitter user hypothesized the First Lady's outfit was a specific combination.

She was welcomed by Egyptian First Lady Intissar Amer Al Sisi, an observant Muslim who wore an ankle-length blue dress and matching headscarf covering her hair.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The US First Lady's decision to wear a pith helmet on safari in Kenya has drawn criticism.

When she visited David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi National Park ready to bottle-feed orphaned baby elephants, Mrs Trump wore a white pith hat, riding pants and boots similar to those worn by European colonial masters.

The jacket also caused debates that provoked the American president to explain that she was sending the message to "Fake News Media" and not the detained kids. In Ghana, she had visited a former slave fort.

In Malawi she toured several outdoor classrooms at Chipala Primary School in Lilongwe, the capital, on the second stop on her four-nation tour of the continent.