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"After all, they speak for the people, and that commands a certain degree of humility from those of us in the judicial branch who do not", Roberts said.

"It was important for the president to build this massive operation for his re-election to demonstrate that it would be a fool's errand for anyone inside the party to try to primary him", Nunberg told the Times, "and because we don't know what's going to happen in the House with a possible impeachment".

Pro-Trump activist Amy Kremer appeared on MSNBC to warn that Republicans are under attack - by witchcraft.

During Wednesday's debate, de León agreed with Feinstein that he would also support a renewed investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh.

There, Republicans now hold 51 seats, meaning Democrats would need to pick up two seats to gain control, and 18 total to reach a two-thirds majority.

Among independents, women by a 37 percent to 12 percent margin say the confirmation process has made them more likely to support Democrats than Republicans.

Looking ahead to a possible lame-duck session after the election, Pelosi indicated Democrats won't relent in their opposition to funding Trump's proposed border wall.

These differences among women and men were particularly significant in overall reactions to Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Trump openly questioned Ford's claims and mocked the broader #MeToo movement during a rally in MS, just days after the woman gave emotional testimony about her allegations before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Trump has taken to referring to Democrats who opposed Kavanaugh as an angry "mob". He see "Roberts foreshadowing the court going farther to the right than the majority of Americans want it to, and he wants to preemptively frame those decisions as acts of integrity rather than partisan goals". By 51 percent to 41 percent, more adults disapprove than approve of Kavanaugh's Senate confirmation. Kavanaugh has shown, very clearly, by his weeping, outbursts, failure to tell the truth, and rudeness to committee members during questioning that he does not have the temperament to be a Justice on the Supreme Court.

Lowering health care costs, rebuilding infrastructure and running the House chamber with more transparency and openness are near the top of the Democratic agenda, Pelosi said during a talk Tuesday at Harvard's Institute of Politics.