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The prime minister opened by dancing on to the stage to Abba's Dancing Queen as she tried to shrug off her robotic public image.

The watching audience in the conference hall in Birmingham were left howling with laughter at her moves.

"There was absolutely no natural rhythm there whatsoever and it's nearly like she wasn't really dancing to the beat of her own tune". Referring to her viral dance moves during her Africa tour, the UK PM awkwardly pumped her arms in the air and made similar moves.

May also joked about her disastrous speech to the conference past year, in which she couldn't stop coughing and a sign fell behind her.

During her speech she pleaded with the divided Troy Party to unite and back her Brexit plans.

Clips of the her "dad dancing" have already been the subject of a number of memes, while some users labelled the clip "cringeworthy".

The prime minister's speech comes amid mounting pressure to reassert her authority just hours after one Member of Parliament signed a a letter of no confidence in her leadership.

Come to think of it, Abba does have a song titled I'm a Marionette.