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Though he was never actually mention by name the entire time, the distinctly uninvited Donald Trump was roasted by speaker after speaker today at John McCain's memorial at Washington D.C.'s National Cathedral and yet the President uncharacteristically refrained from hitting back - until now.

Barack Obama, who defeated McCain in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, described the late Arizona Senator as "an extraordinary man, a warrior, a statesman and a patriot who "embodied much of what made America great".

Through tears, she said that although McCain was known for many accomplishments - a presidential nominee, a senator and a war hero - she will remember him best for the love he provided as a father.

McCain's family made clear Mr Trump was not welcome at memorial services in the state of Arizona - which McCain represented as senator - and Washington, or at Sunday's private burial service in Annapolis, Maryland, at the US Naval Academy.

"Our public life, our public discourse can seem small and mean and petty, trafficking in bombast and insult", Obama said.

McCain's family asked before his death that President Donald Trump, who the senator had long feuded with, not attend his funeral services.

McCain said her father was a "great man" and she encouraged others to live up to his example.

"I was grateful, but I wasn't surprised", Obama said.

Reuters calls her eulogy a "tearful but forceful tribute" during which she said McCain had told her to "show them how tough you are" when delivering it.

The funeral of Sen.

Trump was reportedly barred from attending the funeral. He also noted that McCain "detested the abuse of power", adding "To the face of those in authority, John McCain would insist that we are better than this, America is better than this".

McCain was gone, said Bush, who called his 2000 rival for the GOP presidential nomination a friend.

Bush also remarked that McCain will always be present whispering, "We're better than this, America is better than this" and that "presidents were not spared" from his honesty "no matter whom it offended".

The motorcade carrying McCain's flag-draped casket is scheduled to pause on its way from the Capitol to the cathedral Saturday at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

McCain, who died last Saturday at age 81, has been lionized over the past week of emotional commemorations, including his congressional colleagues bestowing him the rare honor of lying in state in the US Capitol on Friday. Watching in the front row from left are President George W. Bush, former first lady Laura Bush, former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne. Instead, Trump visited one of his golf courses in Sterling, Virginia, and tweeted on several occasions about unrelated topics, including about trade negotiations with Canada. John McCain on Saturday at the Washington National Cathedral, where former president Barack Obama gave one of a handful of eulogies.